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Take a look at some the activities the Troop has taken part in during the past  years.  As a young person is with the Troop for four years, this will enable them and their parents\family\friends to see what great adventures they had.

Review of the Year (2017)

UV Games Night

Winter Onesies Sleepover



Nuclear Night

Roller Skating

Peak District Montage

Peak District Full Film

Spirit of the Wild Animals

Backwoods Cooking

Prances Night

Survival Camp

Water Games


Review of the Year (2016)




Pirate Themed Sleepover

Polish Folk Dance Night

MK Camp 2017


Suffolk Weekend

Poland 2017


Robot Wars

International Day

Halloween Walk

Scary Surrey Weekend

Review of the Year (2015)

Winter Camp

Winter Onesie Sleepover


Glow Games

Go-Bananas Sleepover

Go-Bananas Sleepover 2

Games Master Sleepover

Peak Weekender

Big Bunker Weekend

Water Games

Essex Jamboree Montage

Essex Jamboree Long Version

Essex Jamboree Team Work

Fire Station Visit

Archery Day

ScoutFest short Montage

ScoutFest long version

Tech Day

London Trip

Halloween Sleepover

Remembrance Montage

Animal Encounters

Monkey Puzzle Party

Review of the Year (2014)

Winter Camp


Samba Music Night Montage

UK Camp Montage

Scuba Diving

Surf Camp Montage

Survival Camp Montage

Belgium Montage

Gliding Montage

Night at the Museum

France Montage

Halloween Sleepover

Remembrance Montage

Disney Christmas Sleepover

Animal Encounters

Jump Street