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2017 COMPETITIONS - Updated 5th November

Bryony is still in the lead in the Scout of the Year competition with just just seven weeks left  Who the winner will be?  It looks like it will go down to the wire as all the top places are very close!  Scout of the Month for October was Lucy.  Ravens won Patrol of the Month again and can now not be beaten in the Patrol of the Year competition.  So they are now crowned the 2017 winners.  Their medals will be awarded at the Oscars in January 2018.  For all the current points go to the Troop Competition page or click on the link on right.


Based in Krakow, the Scouts took part in loads of activities and also found out about the History of Poland, by taking part  in a cultural activities which included guides tours and folk dancing.  They weren’t just limited to Krakow though as they went to the mountains in Zakopane and out to Zator as well as rafting down a river that zigzagged the Polish\Slovak boarder!  Click on the logo to see what they did.

MK CAMP 2017

WOW what an awesome 5 day camp that was!  Relive it by looking at the blog, videos, photos by clicking here.  A video Montage of the camp can also be found on YouTube or Vimeo.


Another awesome night at the Oscar Awards evening.  All the Scouts came dressed up in their smartest clothes ready to party.

All the results from the evening, links to the videos show, a photo montage from the evening and a link to purchase the ‘Annual 2016’ photo book’ (with a discount code) can be found by clicking on the Oscar image.