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The first month of the year is now over, which means the points for all the competitions have been updated and are online.  We now have 8 Patrols, with Merlins and Gannets (as chosen at the PL Training by the Scouts).  Which means it will be even more competitive.  Hawks didn’t win a month at all in 2017, but are the Patrol of the Month for January, which also means they lead Patrol of the Year.  There was a tie for Scout of the Month (so therefore are joint leaders in Patrol of the Year.  The winners were Louisa, Tom C and Ava.  Click on the logo go to the competition section and see the full results.


Once again it was an awesome night.  All the Scouts were very smartly dressed as they sat down to find out who had won what for the various categories THEY had voted on. A few special guest also attended the night that had been involved with the Troop during 2017 that wanted to be at the awards.  For all the results, photo\video montage and link to buy the ‘Annual Photo Book’, just click on the logo.

NUCLEAR NIGHT - 3rd March 2018

We will be spending an evening at the ‘Secret Nuclear Bunker’. There will be numerous activities including, Freefall Abseiling, Laser Games, Radio Active Team Game, Rifle Shooting, Photo Quiz, films and wide games.  There may be time for a movie and some sleep too!

For more info click on the logo.


COUNTY BACK PACK -  24th/25h March 2018

This is being offered to the older Scouts as something extra to work on and gain their Expedition Challenge award (which for those that have not yet got their Gold Award is now a compulsory part of it - it wasn't before!).  County Backpack is a two day incident hike around the local countryside. Scouts will need to visit as many bases as possible each day, before returning back  Thorrington Scout Campsite. Each base will have a small activity to complete before moving on to the next base.

Details are now out for the older Scouts soon.  Login to My.Scout for theinfo and to book a place.

SURVIVAL CAMP -  7th/8th July 2018

A weekend in the woods!  Building shelters to sleep in and cooking on open fires.  There will also be instructors coming in to show the Scouts how to prepare and cook wild animals.  The weekend will be all about working and living as a team to survive the elements - and achieve their survival skills badge.

Full details will be out in the spring of 2018.


Based in Krakow, the Scouts took part in loads of activities and also found out about the History of Poland, by taking part  in a cultural activities which included guides tours and folk dancing.  They weren’t just limited to Krakow though as they went to the mountains in Zakopane and out to Zator as well as rafting down a river that zigzagged the Polish\Slovak boarder!  Click on the logo to find out more about the adventure. Click on the logo to see what they did.

MK CAMP 2017

WOW what an awesome 5 day camp that was!  Relive it by looking at the blog, videos, photos by clicking here.  A video Montage of the camp can also be found on YouTube or Vimeo.